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Celebrating My Fabulous Birthday that I Ever Celebrate

When I was born my papa was crying because he needs a boy child but I was a girl child. My grand mom told me that. When I heard that I was feeling very bad; I thought I never talk with my papa. Because he was not happy for my birth, I was the cause of his sadness. So I asked my papa that why he was not happy for my birth. Then he told me that he wanted a boy child because a girl always leaves her parents alone after marriage. For that reason he always wants a boy child. But now he is not thinking like that because he knows that boy or girl is not matter. He loves me a lot and me also. You know why I am writing down this today. Because yesterday was my birthday and this was the one of the best birthday that I ever celebrate. Everybody teach me that how much important I am for them.


It’s my 35th birthday; my family wants that I celebrate this birthday according to them. I am married and I have two more special persons in my life. In my family two special persons mean my husband and my sweet little daughter; they are my love, life and needs. I can do anything for them. Now I want to share my fabulous birthday experience in my life. I know that they remember my birthday but every year it’s going to be very simple. So I was not imagining anything. But so many things were happening in this particular day. I felt excited when I woke up in the morning and they came with a cake and wished me happy birthday. Then I cut the cake and started my day. It was really surprising for me and they told me that I didn’t have to do anything means that they were not allow me to go in to the kitchen. My husband and my sweetheart daughter made breakfast for me and they also served me. In that mean time I thought that every day they can’t do anything for them properly. I have to do each and everything like have to pack their tiffin and sometimes I have to help them to wear dress, to find their needed things. Bur for their improperness I can find me among themselves; I can understand my importance in their life. But at that time they were taking care of me. To think about this I felt amazing. They are very special for me and I don’t need anything without them.

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After complete our breakfast we were going to outside. But they told me that they took an appointment to a dermatologist in Bangalore so they dropped me there. Actually they knew that I have heavy work pressure and for that reason I can’t take care of my manage my work, husband and daughter I forgot to maintain myself. So they wanted to take care of me. So I went there and took a treatment for my skin. They told me to take care of my skin regularly. I have no time to go parlor and anywhere; sometime I am going to parlor for my hair but I am not bother with my skin. After more than two hours they came back and picked up me. After this we went to my favorite south indian restaurant and took south indian lunch. My daughter didn’t like south indian food but she also had this food for me. I was so shocked to see her. They told me that there had one more surprise in our home and when we reached to home I was shocked because I saw my father, my relatives and my colleagues. They arranged for me a surprise party. I felt that I was in heaven. They told me that my papa wants that and according to him they planned this birthday which was amazing. Because papa wants to feel me special; that I am not reason of sadness for him. I am so happy and I am so lucky that I got this family. I worked in Software Company and for work pressure I can’t manage myself. I can’t get any work free day; today also I was not free but without that I felt relax because they gave me an enjoyable day. I am thankful to god for giving this caring family. I love them very much.

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